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Those who work in the United States Army fall into one of three career umbrellas. The one which is right for you will depend on what it is you would like to do for a job and the career path you have been indicated is best for you by Army counselors. The three main categories your work can fall under are Enlisted Soldier, Warrant Officer and commissioned officer.

Enlisted Soldier

The enlisted soldier works in the daily tasks that embody what a soldier’s life is all about. You will be working on specific tasks that involve your job title. This is the position that most personnel hold when they first enlist in the Army.

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Warrant Officer

This is a specialized career field. When you work as a Warrant officer you will gain more specialty in your field rather than more rank on your sleeve. There are only five ranks of Warrant officer. Your job will be to assist upper command through your expertise as well as to instruct the future soldiers.

Commissioned Officer

This is the highest rank position you can get. You will be in charge of the soldiers that are in your unit. As an commissioned officer you can move up in rank as high as you are willing to go. It is possible to work your way up until you are awarded a general status. To learn more about your place in the US Army, click on the link above.

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