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How to Be a TMDE Support Specialist

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The United States Army uses many different kinds of precise equipment in order to take measurements. These pieces of equipment require proper care and maintenance in order to keep them running properly and to make sure they can be used whenever they are needed. When you work as a Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment Maintenance Support Specialist in the US Army, you will help to make sure this important equipment is always working properly.

Skills to Get the Job

There are a few different skills which will help you to be able to succeed in this position. The great attributes you should have to be successful are an ability to work with tools. You should also have an ability to come up with solutions to mechanical problems. You should also display in interest in how machines work. Above all else, you should have interests in shop mechanics, electronics, science, mathematics. Keep in mind that showing these skills will help you to be chosen or assigned to these positions.

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Training for the Job

When you are gearing up to work in this position you will go through basic training as well as going through 33 weeks of advanced training. You will also have the training which will give you a leg up on the competition in order to get a job even after the US Army. Click on the link above to learn more about your future in the US Army.

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