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The United States Army has a career which is right for all people. One of the career paths which is desired by many includes becoming a commissioned officer. These are the leaders which offer guidance and direction for all enlisted personnel. When you are working as a commissioned officer you will be in charge of troops in many different kinds of careers.

Getting Commissioned

There are a few different ways in which you can get started as a commissioned officer in the Army, you can either get promoted from an enlisted position or you can enter the military directly in this position. If you enter directly rather than through a promotion, you will most likely enter after you have gone through an ROTC program. There are also positions available for those who have special career skills to offer such as those in a medical career or even those in a legal career.

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Benefits of Being a Commissioned Officer

The great thing about being a commissioned officer is that you get more benefits than an average enlisted personnel member. You will be given better pay and more vacation time than those in enlisted positions. You will also get the benefit of knowing that you are providing the direction and leadership which will provide a safer America for all citizens. Click on the link above to get to know more about how you can get started as a commissioned officer.

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