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Exciting Career as a Radio and COMSEC Repairer

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The United States Army is a global force and has to be able to communicate on a global level. The only way this will be able to happen is through the right communication equipment. This is why no matter where in the world the US Army travels they are always sure to bring along their communication equipment. Your job as a radio and communications security (COMSEC) repairer is to make sure that all of the communication equipment works properly at all times.

Training for Your Career

The only way you will be able to get started in your career is if you have the right training. This is why you will go through basic training as well as a 24 week advanced training course. You will learn such things as how to install and wire communication equipment. You will also learn how to prevent problems through proper maintenance as well as how to program communication equipment with the proper security protocols.

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Skills for the Job

In order to get started with your career in Radio and COMSEC repair is to have certain skill sets. You should have an interest in solving problems, mathematics, as well as working with electromechanical, electronic and electrical equipment. You should also have the ability to work with an attention to detail and accuracy. Click on the link above to learn more about your future in the US Army.

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