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What is the Pay Like in the Army?

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Joining the United States Army for many is all about the benefits and the excitement of being in the Armed Services. For others it is all about the career training they will be able to receive when they join. No matter what reason you are joining in the first place, you are sure to be curious about the amount you will be paid. This is understandable seeing as being a service member in the US Army means you will be employed in a job like any other.

Enlisted Pay

The longer you are in the military, it is expected you will advance in rank and this will mean that you will advance in pay as well. You will most likely start out with a Private (E1) status which will hold a pay of about $16,794 a year. You will go through rank advancements until you reach Corporal which has the same pay grade as Specialist which starts at $21,931. A Staff Sergeant with six years Army experience will receive $32,511 a year. Keep in mind all pay is in addition to bonuses, allowances and other compensation.

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Officer Pay

Officers will make much more money a year than those they command. This is because of the level of expertise they bring to the job. You will be able to start with $31,863 a year as a Second Lieutenant all the way up to $59,385 as a Captain with 6 years of experience. To get even more information about your career in the US Army, click on the link above.

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