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Providing Safety for Helicopter Pilots Through Specialized Skills

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The United States Army uses helicopters for a variety of different purposes including troop transport, reconnaissance and attack. One of the fundamental systems of the helicopter which needs to work at all times is the radar. This provides the ability for the pilot to see all threats ahead as well as to be able to stay in contact with the ground forces. In charge of repairing and maintaining these essential systems is the avionic radar repairer.

Career Training

Because the radar systems are so important to the function of the helicopter pilots, you will go through a 28 week advanced training course after you go through basic training. You will learn to repair and maintain the radar systems. You will also learn how to use the electronic and electrical test equipment which will help you to discover problems in the system that you cannot see.

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Benefitting Others

The work that you do will make it possible not only for the pilots to fly safely. You will also be able to make sure that everyone who needs to get somewhere via helicopter or receive a delivery via helicopter will be able to get what they need when they need it. You will even be able to help make sure that the helicopter pilots will recognize dangers up ahead through the use of the radar systems you are in charge of maintaining.

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