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Great Career Opportunity as a Multimedia Illustrator

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The men and women of the United States Army deserve to be able to enjoy the media. This is why there is a concerted effort made to bring all of the latest news and information straight to the soldiers no matter where they are at. In order to present the media the right way to the soldiers, there has to be the right kinds of illustrations to go along with the, When you work as a multimedia illustrator, this will be your job.

Variety of Assignments

Your job will go much further than just providing the troops with an amusing way to enjoy the news and information. You will also be helping to create necessary graphs and charts for presentations. You will help to design publications and manuals for distribution throughout the Army and to the public. You will also help to create posters and other forms of advertisement for the US Army.

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Training for Your Career

Just like any enlisted personnel, you will go through basic training. You will also go through a 13 week advanced training course. Here you will learn many of basics of art and multimedia design. You will learn the theory of color as well as graphic techniques for television and illustration. You will also receive an introductory lesson in such things as layout, drawing, lettering and graphics.. Click on the link above to find out even more about this and other careers in the US Army.

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