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The last thing many people think about when they think about the United States Army is a boat. Yet there are many different scenarios in which the US Army needs to have a good boat and a great crew in order to handle everything on the water from troop transport to cargo delivery service. When you work on board one of the Army Watercrafts, you will be helping to mobilize the Army in a whole different manner.

Environments for Your Work

While the oceans may belong to the Navy, there are still many lakes and rivers which need to be protected. This is where the Army watercrafts operate. You will patrol these waterways to make sure that no other boats are being used to give an advantage to the enemy. Not only will your boat have speed and strength, it also has firepower. Turret guns are used often on these boats to intimidate and destroy.

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Training for Your Career

Your first stop in training will be to the basic training with all of the rest of the enlisted personnel. At this point you will be divided up into different advanced schools. In a 6 week advanced training school, you will learn everything log and message handling procedures to operating communications systems. At the end, you will have the ability to power your craft through any waterway. Click on the link above to get started as a watercraft operator or more.

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