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Chugging Along as a Railway Operations Crewmember

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America has a history of using the railroad for enjoying dominance in the battlefield. This was made possible because while most troops marched to war, the US troops were simply sent by train. Even today, the railways are used to send out troops and supplies throughout the land. It is the job of the railway operations crewmember in the US Army to make sure that the railway is always being used correctly.

Great Career Opportunities

One of the great things about when you work as a railway operations crewmember is that you will have the opportunity to really see your career go places. Whether your job is to protect the cargo on board a train or it is to make sure the train is loaded and unloaded on a schedule, you will find comfort in the fact that if you stick it out, you will have the ability to be promoted into more leadership roles.

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Career Training

The 5 week advanced training course you will go through after basic training will allow you to understand how best to do your job. You will learn to keep accurate records of what is on board trains. You will also be in charge of inspecting the train to make sure that everything that is supposed to be there is there. You will also be checking to make sure any cars that need to be removed a=or attached are done so at once. Click on the link above for even more information.

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