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Making Helicopters Look Brand New in Aircraft Structural Repair

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There comes a time in the life of every helicopter when it is necessary to go through certain repairs. The structure of the aircraft itself is one of the parts of the helicopter which can be shot or bumped which will cause it to need to be repaired. When you are trained as an Aircraft Structural Repairer in the United States Army, you will be responsible for keeping the structure of the helicopters looking new.

Hands-On Training

The 15 week advanced training course you will go through after basic training will allow you to learn in a classroom setting. The majority of the education you will receive in training is hands-on with the helicopters themselves. You will learn how to remove old structural components and repair or replace them so that the helicopter will not face flight problems due to structural concerns.

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Skills You Should Have

Succeeding in this job requires that you have a certain skill set before you ever go through the training. You will need to have math skills. You will also need to enjoying working with aircraft and engine mechanics. Having an attention to detail is always something which will be looked for in a person who wants to work as an aircraft structural repairer. You should also have the ability to understand electrical and mechanical systems. Click on the link above to learn even more about this and other careers in the US Army.

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