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Important Career as a Mental Health Specialist

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Stress can cause a lot of problems in the human mind. In the United States Army, there is more chance of stress than in most careers. This can be because of the job itself, things you have seen while on the jobs or because of problems in the family. This is why the US Army employs and trains those who are specialists in mental health. Their job is to help you cope with life in the Army or just life in general.

The Work You Will Do

You will work to assist the health care professional to make sure that the soldiers are getting the care and attention they need in order to return to as healthy state of mind. There are different offices you might be assigned including: psychiatric nurse, psychologist, psychiatrist and social worker. By doing your job, you will help to make sure those in the US Army are able to lead a more normal lifestyle.

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Training and Further Education

Initially when you get started as a mental health specialist, you will go through a 20 week advanced training course after you go through basic training. You will be able to get started in career field right away and you will be able to work towards an education which will allow you to advance your career even further. Click on the link above to find out even more about this rewarding career field.

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