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Important job as an IFTE Operator

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There are many varieties of electrical and computerized systems used in different fields of service by the United States Army. These electrical and computerized systems have been shown to play a key role in assisting soldiers perform task correctly. It is the important and crucial job of an integrated family of test equipment operator to ensure these systems are operating correctly.

Skills of an IFTE Operator

An IFTE operator should be someone who has a talent for solving problems and is good at working directly with electric and electronic test equipment. Those who possess these skills can use them being an IFTE operator to complete the task of working with these types of systems to keep the Army going everyday.

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Training to Help You Unit

In the Army each department relies on the other to keep all operations running smoothly and effectively. By becoming an IFTE operator you will play an important part in the Army by keeping your unit safe and fully operation at all times.

To become an IFTE operator you will receive 34 weeks of specialized training which takes place after basic training. This training last longer than other types of specialty training in the Army due to the complicated nature of the systems you have to be educated about in order to do this type of work successfully. By the time you have completed this training you will have the ability to understand work with the most complicated of electrical systems used by the Army. To learn more about how you can get started on this type of career in the Army, click on the link above.

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