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There are many different kinds of vehicles used in the United States Army. These vehicles are used for everything from transport to attack vehicles. While many vehicles are wheeled vehicles, there are many occasions when a track vehicle is better. Maintaining the track vehicles takes the knowledge of a specialist. When you work as a track vehicle repairer in the US Army, you will be responsible for making sure that these vehicles are always in good operational condition.

Important Career Field

Because track vehicles are so important to the US Army, the work you will do will help the Army to complete its missions. This means that tanks will be able to operate in almost any kind of terrain. It also means such vehicles as the Bradley will be able to deliver troops exactly where they are needed, when they are needed. The vehicle you maintain and repair will be more reliable as a result.

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Important Training

Because your position is very important, you will go through a 12 week advanced training course. This will help to make sure that you understand everything that is expected of you. You will learn everything from how to remove and repair body parts to how the track itself is repaired. You will even learn how to take apart and repair the engine of the vehicles. Click on the link above to find out even more about this and other careers in the US Army.

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