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Getting troops and equipment from one place to another is not always an easy thing to do. Terrains can be difficult and you may have to overcome obstacles such as enemy forces along the way. This is why the United States Army depends on the use of aircraft to get much of the troops and equipment to where they need to be. It is detrimental that these aircraft be able to stay in constant contact with the ground control. This is why the job of the avionic communications equipment repairer in the US Army is so important.

Carrier Aircraft

Carrier aircraft need to know exactly where they will be dropping off and picking up from. They also need to make sure that if they are entering hostile area that they are aware of the danger. By doing your job, you will help these aircraft to stay in touch with the ground so that they can reach their destination whether they are making a delivery or making a pick-up.

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Attack and Reconnaissance

The other two main uses of aircraft in the US Army is for attack and reconnaissance purposes. When the equipment is working properly it allows the aircraft to stay in contact with each other to coordinate movements. It also allows the aircraft to know exactly where their target is at all times. TO find out more about this necessary career, click on the link above.

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