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The United States Army has bases throughout the world. Living on base are not just the troops, but civilians and family members as well. There is always a threat of invasion at these bases. The presence of military police on base is to make sure that no one is able to enter the perimeter unless they have clearance. MPs also help to maintain peace and order on base by enforcing the laws that are established in the military code of conduct.

Where You Will Work

There are many different jobs military police members fill in the US Army. You may find yourself working at the front gate checking all vehicles which enter the base to make sure that they are cleared for entrance into the facility. You may also be assigned to patrolling the base to make sure no one is speeding or breaking any laws. The assignment you fill will depend on your experience, training and the needs of the base.

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Training for Your Mission

Working as a military police officer in the US Army means you will not be working as a personnel member. This means you will not have to go through basic training like the rest of the personnel. Instead you will have to go through Basic Officer Leader Course and Military Police Basic Officer Leadership Course. Click on the link above to find out even more about how you can get started in this career field.

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