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As an active-duty member of the US Army or Army Reserve, a new recruit, or army vet, there are multiple, long-term benefits that come with an army career. This is the edge that all army/ex-army members enjoy over their counterparts in the private sector.

Commitment to education

The US Army is firmly committed to ensuring that its members are well educated. In line with this commitment, the US Army provides significant monetary assistance to cover tuition and other fees of all those wishing to attend college or pursue higher education.

Salaries that satisfy

Despite what people may tell you, the US Army offers salary packages that are comparable to, and in some cases, better than those offered on an average by companies in the private sector. Added to this, are significant sums of money saved on food, housing and healthcare that are heavily discounted by the US Army.

Long-term job prospects

An army career arms you with top physical capabilities incomparable job training and exceptional leadership and motivational skills. These are the qualities that will give you an advantage over others in the job market of the private sector.

There are many high-paying, recession-proof jobs particularly suited for army vets, among them, for example, are human resources training management; computer science/network systems management; law enforcement; healthcare administration; training and education; and more.

Being an army man says a lot about WHO you really are. You can enjoy the distinctive, ‘US Army’ label by being a member of its immense fraternity, AND also exploit the endless job opportunities it presents along with all the other attractive benefits and facilities that go with them.

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