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Of all the kinds of intelligence which is out there, the most dangerous kind to gather is that from another human being. This is not only because you do not know the mind of the other person, but you do not know if they are someone who has been compromised with bad information to intentionally throw you off. This is why in the United States Army, human intelligence is only handled by those who are trained to extract it the right way.

Finding Your Sources

You will undergo nineteen weeks of advanced training after basic training so that you will understand exactly how to find your sources for information. You will know who to look for and how to approach them. You will also learn exactly how to cover not only your own moves but the moves of your source to make sure that neither one of you is compromised. This way you will protect both parties as well as the quality of the information you will get.

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Conducting Interrogations

Unlike what you might have seen in the movies, interrogation does not mean you will connect a car battery to someone and threaten them. Instead, you will use derivatives of psychology to ply information from your contact. This is one of the parts of your jobs which demands a special touch with the subject. Click on the link above to find out even more information about how you can get started.

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