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Technical Career as a Signals Intelligence Analyst

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Foreign forces use many of the same methods of communication the United States uses. These include communicating through technical devices and through computers. The United States Army has people analyzing all of the different signals which are used for transmission of data, voice and video so that if there is anything worth capturing, they will know where to turn their attention to get the best results. This is job of the Signals Intelligence Analyst.

Getting to Know the Signals

There are many different signals which exist at any given time. While it is possible to use the different signals for different purposes, there are specific signal ranges which work better for specific kinds of information. This is your jump off point to search for information which will help you to understand what the other guys are up to. The more you know, the more possible it is for you to help with plans to stay in control of the situation.

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Technical Training

Along with the ability to help the US Army to know what the opposition is up to, you will also have the opportunity to get technical training worth thousands from any other source. This will give you the kind of training and experience you will need to get started in a career you will love. This is because the technical field is growing every day. Click on the link above to find out how you can get started in this field.

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