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As military ordnance has advanced over the years, so has the care which has gone into handling it. The modern United States Army uses a lot of ammunition even when not in combat. This is because a good soldier is a well-trained soldier. Target practice and more comes at the expense of a few hundred bullets a day. The ammunition used goes well beyond just bullets as rocket propelled grenades and more are used every day to destroy the enemy defenses.

Inspecting the Ammunition

A very large part of the job you will be doing every day is to make sure that the ammunition is safe to be used. This is why you will conduct regular inspections on all ammunition. You will inspect it when it arrives in storage. You will also inspect it as it waits to be used and when you are handing it out. This helps to make sure the ammunition is always in the best condition to be safe for use by the soldiers who use it the most.

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Important Training

Because of the importance of your position, when you work as an ammunition specialist in the US Army, you will go through nine weeks of advanced training. You will learn wheat to look for in the ammunition you will handle every day. You will also learn how to make sure that the troops know to handle the ammunition properly. Click on the link above to find out more.

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