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Communication is important in any organization. It is especially important when lives are at stake. This is why in the United States Army, it is important to be able to stay in touch with the men in the field as well as making sure that the remote command posts can stay in touch with the central command posts. Making sure that this communication is possible is the job of the Signal Officer in the US Army.

Training for Your Position

When you enter into the position of signal officer in the US Army you will most likely have already have been working in the signal corps. Either way, you will not have to still have to go through Signal Officer basic Course. Those who are new to the Army will go directly into this training rather than going through any kind of basic training for enlisted personnel. This will teach you everything you need to know about your position and your responsibilities as an officer in the US Army.

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What You Will Do

Establishing contact with the other command posts is possible only when you know what signals you are supposed to be broadcasting and receiving on. It is your job to be able to find these signals so that you can establish the contact that you will need in order to maintain proper communication. Click on the link above in order to find out more about this position.

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