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There are a lot of unanswered questions when you are thinking about joining the United States Army. You wonder about what kind of work you will do. You wonder about the training. Many people also wonder about where they will be stationed when they start their service career. This is a fair question to ask. The answer is that where you are stationed will depend on what kind of job you have in the Army and what the need of the Army is.

Your Job in the Army

There are many different jobs that you can fill in the United States Army. The job that you will do will depend a lot on the past knowledge that you have. This is because you will score on the ASVAB depending on the knowledge that you have. Different jobs necessitate that you work in certain environments. If you have a choice of what kind of career you can follow in the Army, try to follow the one which will put you in the station assignment you will enjoy the most.

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Filling a Need

Often even your job skills will not help to determine what kind of job you will do in the Army because there is no need at the time for the skills that you have. Often you will have to wait until there is an opening in the perfect career field for you to be able to get the training you need to get started. Click on the link above to find out more.

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