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Important Job as a Signals Collector/Analyst

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In times of war or peace, there is one constant in regards to the countries of the world. This is that the pursuit of good intelligence goes unabated. In the United States Army, there are many different individuals which are responsible for collecting and distributing intelligence. One of the people which is instrumental in the collection and redistribution of information are those who are working as a signals collector/analyst.

The Work You Will Do

You will have to listen in on a wide variety of different transmissions from foreign bodies. You will listen in for anything which seems like it might be noteworthy. You will then make sure to record all information as it is being said. Important information will be passed along. Non-essential information will be discarded. It is your job to decide what moves on to the next level and what will end up in the garbage.

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The Training You Will Receive

Making sure you know what you are doing is of the highest priority. This is why you will go through basic training immediately followed by sixteen weeks of advanced training. You will learn what signals are normally transmitted on for different kinds of information. This way you will be able to listen in on the frequencies which will most likely proffer the best possible information. You will also learn what channels through which you will transmit information. Click on the link above to find out more about this important career field.

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