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Staying in Touch as a Satellite Systems Operator-Maintainer

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Communication is very important when you are in a combat situation. This is because you will need the information from central command regarding everything from mission objectives to the intelligence which will allow you to keep troops safe while they are in operation. This is why it is important in the United States Army to be able to have the right communication equipment set up and in operation at all time. If you work as a satellite systems operator-maintainer, this is exactly what you will do.

What You Will Do

You will be in charge of setting up, operating and maintaining the systems which will allow the Army to stay in contact with each other through satellites. This includes making sure that the hardware is up to date and that the proper connections are being made. You will work alongside and in some cases in substitute of radar specialists so that you will make sure that you are getting the right signal and feed from the dishes on site.

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Valuable Training

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