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How to be a Cable Systems Installer-maintainer

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There are many different jobs in the United States Army which concentrate on maintaining good communication. These jobs will involve everything from making sure the messages are broadcast and received to those who make sure that the messages are secure and that they are being sent out to the right places at all times. The security and the effectiveness of the communication is also highly reliant on the equipment being hooked up correctly in the first place.

What You Will Do

As a cable systems installer – maintainer in the US Army, you will be in charge of making sure the communications equipment is working properly with all of the necessary attachments in place. You will also be in charge of making sure the communications are secure as they are being relayed throughout the different kinds of communications systems. This will make sure to protect the secrets of the Army and maintain solid communication.

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Training and Requirements

This is one of the few enlisted jobs which requires you will have been in the US Army for two years as well as having received your Associate Certified Electronics Technician certification. You will receive training through the basic training you get when you enlist as well as the advanced training when you are chosen for the position. You will learn through a mixture of classroom settings as well as through a hands-on environment. Click on the link above to find out more.

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