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Fly High as an Air Traffic Control Equipment Repairer

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Aircraft are used every day in the United States Army. It is important that the aircraft is able to take off and land in an organized manner. This makes sure that they will not run any risk of an in-air collision or that there will be any back-ups at the runways and airways. Making sure that this organization happens is through the use of air traffic control equipment. This is why it is important that this equipment is always operational.

The Job You Will Do

as an air traffic control equipment repairer, you will be expected to inspect and maintain the equipment. Through regular maintenance of the equipment used, there is a likelihood there will be no problems in the equipment. If there are problems, it will be simple and easy to troubleshoot the problem so that you will be able to perform the necessary repairs as they are needed.

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Training for Your Career

In order to get you ready for your career, you will go through basic training as well as advanced training. Here you will learn everything you will need to be able to walk right out of training and on to the job. You will learn through a combination of classroom education as well as hands-on training. You will also receive on-going training to keep you up to speed with the new technology. Click on the link above to find out even more about this and other careers in the Army.

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