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If you’re smart, young and strong, brimming with confidence and enthusiasm, have reasonably good academic qualifications, but still finding that civilian job elusive … go ahead and bet, an army career is a viable alternative.

Getting a foot in the door

There’s one thing you needn’t doubt. Being a major branch of the military and huge in size, the US Army is continuously looking for people to join their ranks, and will welcome you with open arms. However, you’ll need to meet a few basic, requirements to qualify for job selection, or at least to get a foot in the door.

As such, you’ll need to be a US citizen, or at least a green card holder; be no more than 34, or less than 17 years of age; possess a minimum of a high school diploma or an equivalent; if married, have no more than 2 children; and most of all, be in top physical and mental shape and free of any communicable diseases, or such health issues that could affect your performance on the job, or career training.

Basic career choices available

Given below, are but a few of the basic career choices and job opportunities, from the endless number that the US Army offers:

Jobs in administration – There is an enormous number of administrative jobs in the US Army that are inter-linked with a myriad of other important job areas. For example, you may choose career training programs from general office administration; accounts and finance; combat support documentation; human resources; and many more.

Engineering and construction jobs – This critical part of the US Army operation generates an enormous variety of jobs and career paths that include, for example, mechanical engineering, plumbing, masonry, carpentry, and lots more.

The US Army continuously offers numerous career paths to those seriously committed to undergoing the extensive training programs associated with each. So, don’t hesitate to grab one if it comes your way.

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