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Mechanical Career as a CH-47 Helicopter Repairer

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The United States Army is well known for its extensive use of helicopters for different types of missions. These helicopters range in their size, features and mechanics. As a result, it is necessary for many of these helicopters to have specialized crews to work on them. These crews, such as the ones which work on the CH-47 have been specially trained to understand the different electrical and mechanical systems they will encounter when they are repairing the aircraft.

Important Work

Because of the nature of the use for the CH-47, there can be no time when a system failure will threaten the lives of those aboard. This is why the job of the CH-47 repairer is so important. Your work will have a direct result on the ability of the helicopter to be able to stay in the air and continue to perform missions. By making sure that the helicopter is working properly at all times, you will be helping to make sure that those relying on it will remain safe.

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Mechanical Training

You will be able to get mechanical training which most people will have to pay thousands in order to receive. This will not only help you while you are in the Army. It will also help you to move into a mechanical career after the Army. You will go through sixteen weeks of advanced training directly after you go through basic training. Click on the link above to find out even more about this rewarding career field.

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