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Saving Lives as a Parachute Rigger

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There are times when the United States Army will ask soldiers to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft. When this happens, the soldier is putting his life into the expectation that the parachute being used will open as expected. If there is a problem with the parachute, it will cause the soldier to risk injury or possibly even death as a result. This is why the job of the parachute rigger in the US Army is so very important.

What You Will Do

When you work in this position, you will be expected to properly pack different types of chutes. You will be expected to pack everything from individual parachutes for troops to larger chutes used for equipment and vehicles. You will also be in charge of checking the material of the parachute in order to make sure that it is in good operational condition. If not, you are expected to make repairs or take the parachute out of service.

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Parachute Calculations

making drops into battle zones can be tricky. It is tricky enough when you are dealing with troops. When you are dealing with dropping a tank, it gets even more difficult. You will be taught how to make the proper calculations in order to rig the parachutes in such a way that they will support the full weight of the vehicle being dropped. Click on the link above if you are ready to get started in this or other careers in the US Army.

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