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Important Career as a Cargo Specialist

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There is a lot of cargo which the United States Army is responsible for on a daily basis. This cargo is shipped throughout the world and distributed through the use of trucks and other vehicles. It is the job of the cargo specialist to make sure that he cargo is being loaded and unloaded properly on all flights and all vehicles. This makes sure that the loads will always get to where they are going intact.

What You Will Do

You will make sure that the right cargo is in the right place at the right time so that it can be shipped to the right destination through the right delivery means. You will be responsible for maintaining the manifests for all shipments as well as making sure that they are loaded properly with the right attention paid to balance and weight requirements. This way there will be no issues when the cargo reaches its destination.

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Career Opportunities

The training and the experience you will gain in the US army will help you to be able to do the job as well as to help you in getting ahead in your career. This will include being able to get a job once you get out of the Army which will be for employers like shipping companies and the airline industry. You will have the skills that they are looking for. Click on the link above to get even more great information about this job.

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