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There are many great benefits you will get in the United States Army. One of the benefits you will receive is that you will always receive meals throughout the day. These meals have all been devised to give you the nutrition that you will need to complete daily tasks. The importance on nutrition is that you will be able to get the protein and the calories you will need to perform at your peak capacity. This is the job of the nutrition care specialist.

Caring for the Ill

When you work in this career field, you will be in charge of making sure that not just the regular corps but those in the infirmary will get the nutrition that they need in order to make a full recovery. You will help the food specialists to create menus and recipes which will give those in need exactly what they will need to get better faster.

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Nutrition for the rest

The majority of your job will be to work with the food prep crews which will prepare the meals for the enlisted personnel in the main dining room services. You will act as a sanitation specialist when you check the food which is being prepared to make sure that it is being prepared in a manner which will not only be nutritious but will be safe overall. Click on the link above to find out even more about your future in the Army.

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