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Helping Others as a Preventive Medicine Specialist

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There are many great benefits you will get when you are a soldier in the United States Army. Among these include great medical benefits. This is not only to help you get back on your feet after you have been injured. This also includes the ability to not get sick in the first place. This is why the job of the preventive medicine specialist is so important to the future of the US Navy personnel.

What You Will Do

You will be in charge of making sure that all personnel being shipped out to certain locations with known pathogens and other kinds of illnesses will get the kind of preventive medicine they will need to stay healthy enough to make the return trip. This includes everything from shots which will be injected to the pills which soldiers will be expected to take. Your job will be to make sure that they will not die because of an infection.

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Get the Training

You will go through a 15 week advance training course after you go through basic training so that you will understand exactly what goes into the job that is expected of you. You will learn to inject as well as where and how much. You will also learn the different kinds of medication you will use for troops travelling to different parts of the world. Click on the link above to find out even more about this great career in the US Army.

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