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The United States Army has a lot of ways in which it reaches out to the American people to embrace the interests which most people hold so dear. One of the ways in which they accomplish this is through the racing teams that they have which include NASCAR and drag racing teams. These teams show not only the strength of the US Army, but the teamwork which the sport and the Army embraces.

Team Excellence

In order to keep the car on the racetrack, there is a pit crew which works on the car both on and off the track. They represent the men and women who work constantly to keep the vehicles used every day in the US Army in use throughout the world in times of peace and conflict. It shows how while the driver is the one driving the car, no one of it would be possible without the rest of the team to provide the right support.

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Watching Racing

Racecar driving has become very popular in the United States and it is only fitting that a purely American sport would have representation by one of the most renowned and feared fighting forces in the world. Those watching races will always remember those who have fought hard and put their lives on the line to defend freedom. It also inspires many people to do their part to defend the country they love so much. Click on the link above to find out how you can get started with youro own Army career.

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