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There are many different reasons why people join the United States Army. One of the main reasons why people join is because of the benefits they can receive by joining. This includes the ability to have comprehensive medical coverage for each personnel member as well as the rest of their family. Making this possible includes many different positions through the Army medical field. This includes those who work as a health care specialist in the US Army.

What You Will Do

When you work as a health care specialist, you will work directly under a physician in order to make sure that each individual seeking medical attention is getting exactly what they need to stay healthy. This includes making sure to keep impeccable records for each and every personnel member. This has meant currently a switch from paper files to the computerized records which allow the US Army to stay current with all medical records regardless of what medical facility a US Army soldier might end up at.

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Get the Training

While others toils away to make the money that they will need to pay for medical classes, you will go through a sixteen week advanced training course. You will learn how to maintain files, basic medical procedures and the different pieces of equipment you will encounter in the commission of your responsibilities. Click on the link above to find out how you can get started in this and other careers in the US Army.

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