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Perhaps, you’ve been searching for a better alternative to your civilian job or in the market for a new one. Either way, if your attempts have left you frustrated so far… why didn’t you consider the US Army before? It’s most likely that you may have felt intimidated by the idea of an army career or job, been misinformed about it, or had little or no information about the US Army of your own.

You can be sure that once you learn more about the US Army and the multiple, career and job opportunities it offers, you won’t need any convincing to apply for one.

Unfortunately it would be next to impossible to provide the complete list of career and job options available in the army, AND the great, extra-special benefits that go with each. However, here are a few reasons why you need to consider an army job.

Multiple career options and more

As an exceptionally large institution with significant presence in the United States and around the world, the army has virtually every type of career field and job opportunity you could name. So, whether you are computer savvy, a multi linguist, or skilled in any technical or administrative disciplines, the army has excellent careers, full and part-time job opportunities, training programs and more which you could choose from.

Irresistible benefits and more

Another good reason to take a closer look at the multiple career paths and job options available in the army, is the irresistible benefits that you’d be entitled to. That’s if you consider the attractive bonuses; high quality, food, healthcare and housing; educational assistance programs; special-duty pay; 30-day paid annual vacation; and the opportunity to be based in some of the most beautiful locations around the world.

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