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How Ready Are You For Boot Camp?

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If you’ve decided to join the US Army, it will be crucial to know all you can about important aspects of boot camp training, and the life you can expect, if or when you are selected to undergo this program.

Boot camp isn’t for the frail or faint-hearted. It’s an extensive and rigorous, basic training program that all new, army recruits MUST attend. The US Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and National Guard also have their own boot camps. However, boot camp durations will vary, depending on the particular branch of military you wish to join.

Take a look at the following, and then decide whether you are ready for boot camp training.

Got nerves of steel?

Irrespective of whether you come from an aristocratic background, or from the rank and file, the US Army makes no distinctions. At boot camp, WHO you are is not what matters … WHAT you’ll be after boot camp training is what matters most.

So, expect to be insulted, punished, criticized, and yelled at by sergeants and commanding officers during training. They do so, only to strengthen your mental preparedness to handle whatever challenges come your way during your service term, and after. If you can steel yourself to constant reprimands … you’ll go far.

Fit for brutal training?

In the US Army, ‘brutal’ is the word for boot camp training. You’ll be deprived of sleep; run and marched miles; ordered to swim in rough water; wade through mud; crawl through thick jungle brush, and more. If you’ve got the back to bear things that pushes you to the limits … a great, army career awaits you.

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