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The transition from civilian life to army life isn’t easy, but you can make it far smoother, if you do a few things to be better prepared. Yes, on the brighter side, active duty personnel of the army do have fun, entertainment, games, and great vacations.

On the darker side, army recruits are worked hard, run harder and longer, deprived of sleep, screamed at, publicly insulted, and more. Although this is part of an overall US Military strategy to mentally and physically toughen its servicemen for peak performance later during their respective terms of duty.

So, if you are still serious about joining the US Army, here are a few important things to do, before you sign up for enlistment.

Get into better shape

Successful completion of the rigorous, basic army training, better known as ‘boot camp’ training, will determine whether or not you are fit to join the US Army. So, if you aren’t in the best of shape now, it’s time you did. Start a regimen of physical exercises of your own, focusing on building stamina and endurance, rather than only strength.

Run at least 3-4 miles every morning; practice sit-ups and push-ups;  keep awake more than you usually do; and march a few miles with a load that’s at least 30% of your body weight. The better your shape, the better your chances of being recruited, and the better will be your performance during boot camp training.

Know what to expect

During basic training, you’ll be away from your family, and have very little contact with them. You will learn to live without the basic luxuries you’re used to, such as your computer, cell phone, hi-fi system, television, and more. You can start by doing without one or more of these luxuries for short intervals.

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