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When you enlist in the Army you are taking the first step in serving and defending your country. At the same time, you are taking the first step in starting a career that you can enjoy for many years to come.

With hundreds upon hundreds of Army careers and jobs to consider, finding one that matches your skills and interests should be a simple task. However, an abundance of options means that you have to be extremely selective – this is the only way to ensure a confident decision.

Below are several questions to answer as you begin your quest to choose the best career:

1. Are you Active Duty or in the Army Reserve?

2. Are you an Enlisted Soldier or an Army Officer?

3. Do you have any interest in a particular career or job category?

While answering these three questions will put you on the right track, you are far from complete. Even after you have a better idea of where you stand, there will still be several positions that match what you are looking for.

Army Career Options

For a better idea of what you will face during the selection process, here is a list of career categories: Administrative Support, Arts and Media, Combat, Computers and Technology, Construction and Engineering, Intelligence and Combat Support, Legal and Law Enforcement, Mechanics, Medical and Emergency, and Transportation and Aviation.

Easy enough, right? Well, you are not finished just yet. Once you know which career category suits you best, you then have to choose a job within the field.

For example, there are many jobs in the Medical and Emergency category including but not limited to: Pharmacy Specialist, Dental Specialist, Health Care Specialist, Nutrition Care Specialist, Nurse Corps Officer, Dental Corps Officer, Medical Corps Officer, and Radiologist Specialist.

As you can see, saying that you want to join the Medical and Emergency field is just the start. You have to narrow your focus to ensure that you are working a job that is exactly right for you.

Need help choosing an Army career? Don’t worry; your recruiter can supply you with all the necessary advice and information. While this is your choice, don’t be afraid to get advice from others.

With more than 100 ways to become a soldier in the Army, it is important to be careful as you search for and select a career and job that will keep you busy for many years to come.

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