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Army National Guard – The Medical Profession Awaits

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Your career options in the Army National Guard are nearly unlimited. No matter what you are interested in you will find a career that matches your skills. However, the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) has quickly become one of the top career fields.

If you are looking for a place to start your healthcare career, consider joining the Army National Guard – you will not be disappointed with this decision.

Not only will you learn a lot about your chosen profession, but you will receive training from top personnel while also having the chance to work with some of the most advanced medical equipment in the world.

Medical Career Categories

There are three main career categories within the medical field in the Army National Guard.

Medical Professional Officers

As a Medical Professional Officer you can focus on a variety of specialties including: physician, dentist, physician assistant, medical administrator, medical or dental student, registered nurse, and family nurse practitioner.

Which one of these career paths is right for you?

Medical Service Corps

When you become part of the National Guard Medical Service Corps you are in position to pursue your desired career while improving your leadership skills. From patient administration to training to administrative work, this category is full of opportunities.

Career fields include: aviation, behavioral sciences, environmental sciences, medical administration, and preventative medicine.

Physician Assistants

As a physician assistant you will work alongside Army National Guard physicians and other medical professionals. When you take on this career, you will become an officer trained to work with medical professionals in a number of critical situations.


Almost every position in the Army Medical Department has a bonus or loan repayment program. With this type of financial assistance it is much easier to get involved with your desired career category.

Although there are hundreds of career opportunities in the Army National Guard, those within the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) have become extremely popular.

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