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Many of our US Military service men and women return from active duty or retire from the military only to find it extremely difficult to get a job.  Our current job market is challenging for everyone looking for work, but can be especially challenge for military members who need to translate their unique military skills into the civilian world before they will be considered for a job.

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Some military service men and women and veterans decide to start a business rather than get a job.  Some industries offer more potential to start a business after the military, but if you’re not the entrepreneur type, you will need to think about getting a job.  There are many military jobs for enlisted members, and the knowledge gained during military service is useful in a wide variety of civilian jobs.  The challenge is figuring out how to translate those skills to a potential employer.  The Home Depot has long been a supporter of the military community, and has recently created a program called “Mission: Transition®” to assist military members and veterans in their transition back to the civilian workforce.

What Civilian Jobs Are Military Members Most Suited For?

If you’re unsure what kind of civilian job your military skills are most suited for, you can try an online military skills translator offered by The Home Depot, or start researching businesses to start after the military or common jobs for retired military members.  These tools and information will help guide you toward an appropriate civilian career and help start your transition.

Resume and Job Searching Assistance

When a former military member goes on a job interview, the interviewers sometimes have trouble seeing how their military experience will translate into the civilian world.  The Home Depot’s Mission: Transition program offers assistance updating resumes to highlight unique skills, and interview coaching to help military service men and women prepare for job interviews.  While the Home Depot has hired over 35,000 military members (with as many as 1,500 currently serving on active duty), their assistance helps people get jobs in all industries – not just within their stores.

All military members and veterans are invited to register for the October 27th Civilian Career Workshops that will be held at over 100 locations across the country.


Fill out this form to find out more about Military jobs and to learn about enlisting in the Military.

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