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If you have a passion to lead successful teams in a number of industries and career paths, you may have what it takes to develop your career through the Army ROTC program. The Army offers ROTC courses through more than 600 universities and colleges around the country. These courses are electives and can introduce you to a wide array of career positions in your future.

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ROTC Electives

The courses through ROTC programs are conducted with your other college courses. The elective program will teach you what you need to know to succeed in whatever job position you are pursuing. The ROTC program will provide the training and the resources necessary for a successful future.

Within the United States Army, there are many opportunities to establish a career in any number of fields including healthcare, medicine, chemistry, law, finance, engineering, aviation, and transportation. Through the ROTC program you can also learn about career opportunities you have not yet discovered which may be the right fit for you.

ROTC Benefits

While the ROTC electives through a college or university offer many benefits, a key advantage for many students is the potential for the Army ROTC program to pay for the tuition. You get to attend your classes and get the full college experience with the added training and resources the ROTC program offers.

Upon your completion of college courses and your graduation, you will have the added benefit of graduating into an Officer position in the Army. Becoming an Officer of the military allows you to take the reins of a leadership position in the military as well as in the job market. The experience and knowledge gained through the ROTC program translates to a known ability to work well under pressure and be a reliable individual among the other qualities employers are seeking when hiring.

ROTC Scholarship Advantages

The Army ROTC program makes available scholarships for students enrolled in the courses. There are several scholarship options including 2, 3, and 4 year awards which will pay for tuition and other student fees up to a total of $80,000.  Living expenses may also be paid through an ROTC scholarship for a total of up to $4,000 annually. These scholarships are not based on personal or family financial data but rather are awarded based on individual merit. Scholarship recipients must commit to a term of service within the Army upon graduation.

Even if you are considering a civilian career path, you can still graduate from college and be involved in the US Army Reserves or the National Guard. Basic ROTC courses do not require a commitment to time in the Army unless ROTC Advanced Courses are taken. Additional ROTC course requirements include being a United States citizen and being age 17 or older. ACT and SAT testing will also be necessary and the ROTC program will require a solid academic history.

With the competition strong in today’s job market, it is vital to have the skills and well-rounded abilities necessary employers are seeking. Whether looking for Army careers or the civilian job market, the experience and training gained through the ROTC program can consistently put you ahead of other candidates.

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