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Many reasons to join the US Army right now! If you’re a senior in high school or graduated, a US citizen and between the ages of 17-34, here are just a few dazzling motivators for you:

There are many opportunities of getting good education in the US Army. Apart from the GI bill you can attend classes on base or go through the ROTC program before your service period begins. When you take a course when you are still in service the entire tuition fee is paid. If you attended school on approved Stafford, Perkins or other department of education guaranteed and had taken a student loan before joining the Army, you will get help paying the loan.

Job security:

It is not easy to have a job with long term security, especially with the unstable market career choices. The Army offers a job security in a poor economy where there is high unemployment rate. The Army structures the posts such that the recruits have a secure job. Even after retirement, the standards of their living are maintained by the perks provided by the Army. Therefore it ensures a stress free and secure career in the Army.

The Army has a variety of training programs to the new recruits retired and also the retiring officers. This is done to ensure a smooth rehabilitation of officers to the civil life. The Army personnel are also offered training courses in highly coveted institutions. This makes the army the most sought after candidates for management for companies around the world.

Career assessment:
The Army considers personal interest while recruiting. Even after leaving the US Military, the skills you develop from the training is a valuable asset in the civilian workforce.

Once you are in the Army, there is no monotony in life, the scenes of work always change, providing a healthy atmosphere where you can meet new people and make new friends from within the country and around the world. The kind of adventure that is provided in the army costs a lot of money in the civil world. From mountaineering, horse riding to trekking and membership to the best clubs in the country.

Health and fitness:
The stagnant nature of office work contributes too many lifestyle diseases. While you are in the army your health and fitness becomes part of the routine with so many co curriculum activities and sports provided. The Army also teaches one to take care of their health and fitness.

In the Army you get a regular paycheck and free food and housing. You receive a house allowance if you live outside the base. There are also other hidden benefits, for instance, many restaurants give you military allowances.

You may join the Army because you fill that it is the right thing to do. Defending the country is a high calling and a tradition for some families. The sense of community that the soldiers find in the army might not be found in the civil life.

Most people in their adulthood don’t know what to do with their life. The US Army provides the opportunity to do something as you assess your interests and priorities.

Health and life insurance benefits:
Low-cost group insurance premiums allow you to acquire death benefit cover once you are in the military service. You and your family also receive dental and full medical coverage. Even after retirement you and your family continue to receive medical benefits. With the EHIC (European health insurance card) you can access state provided healthcare during your stay in any of the 18 European countries.

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