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Army Medical Careers pays big during the military and during future civilian service.

So you are looking for a career that pays big in the Army?

Army pay is based on a few different factors so if you want the best bang for your work, you’ll want to pay close attention. There are ways to pull bigger paydays from the Army.

In the beginning Army pay may not seem all that great and where you start on the pay scale will depend on a few things like whether or not you enlisted straight out of high school or decided to sign up after you finished college. Participation in an ROTC program can also give you a bump on the beginning pay scale.

There are two pay charts in the military. One pay chart shows the base salaries for enlisted personnel and the second pay chart shows the base salaries for officers. Those amounts are figured by your rank and how many years of service you have been in the military. The more time you are enlisted, the more money you will receive on your base salary for the rank that you hold. It doesn’t matter what career path you choose to take, you base salary will always be based on your rank and years of service.

How to Receive More Pay to Bank on any Military Paycheck

There are many ways to increase your salary while you are enlisted. One way is to choose a career that has an incentive or special pay. This is where you can add a lot of money to that paycheck. For example, choosing a career in aviation as a pilot and you can add up to an additional $840.00 a month to your base pay. Choose a career in the medical field as an emergency room doctor and you could receive up to $26,000.00 a month in special pay.

Enlistment bonuses are another way that you can bulk up your salary. Depending on the career you are choosing, you may be able to increase your base salary with a bonus for your initial enlistment and any subsequent reenlistment. Some of the careers that offer the larger bonuses are in the medical field. A level I Dental Officer reenlisting for 2 years may be eligible for a $25,000.00 a year bonus.

Which Career in the Military Pays the Most?

The simple answer to that question is that going into the medical field will get you the largest paychecks in the military. Especially after you begin to receive longevity pay and bonuses.

A medical doctor starting at the lowest officer pay grade will make $3,692.00 a month in 2015. The paycheck will also include the housing allowance, special pay, board certification pay up to $36,000 per year and any other special pay that that soldier qualifies for.

After the initial enlistment period is complete, doctors in the military can qualify for retention bonuses of up to $75,000.00 per year. Being a doctor in the military does make it possible to have a military career that pays really big.

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