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If you think the private sector is the only place that offers limitless career options … think again! And in a recession, you’ll probably do. The US Army offers just as many career paths and job opportunities, and there’s no better time than now to pursue one of the many it offers.

Here are but a few of the numerous careers and jobs available in the US Army to enlighten you.

Earn well in ‘Arts and Media’

If you are qualified in arts and media work, the US Army has lucrative, careers and jobs in both fields. These involve the management of administration and communications for a large number of events and entertainment programs organized periodically by the army for its personnel and civilians. Positions in the two fields include broadcast specialists; public affairs specialists; band officers; multimedia illustrators; and more.

Flaunt your ‘Administrative’ skills

The US Army has a huge variety of administrative support jobs, which support an equal number of other job areas of the army’s operation. Here’s where you can flaunt your administrative skills, in such positions as – accounts and finance; human resources; combat documentation; general office administration; and more.    

Get good returns in ‘Computer & IT’

With technology becoming increasingly indispensable to modern-day warfare, the US Army pays extremely well for people proficient in computer and IT-related disciplines. Here, you can find lucrative positions in areas such as – network switching systems; imagery analysis; radio operation; multi-lingual cryptology; intelligence analysis; and more.

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