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US Army careers and jobs are popular for a number of logical and proven reasons. However, some people may tell you, that in a recession, US Army jobs are smarter, alternatives to unstable, civilian jobs. The truth is … they’ll be only 50% right.

Apart from being recession-proof, US Army jobs also come with premium skills training programs; generous salary packages; a variety of excellent benefits; high-value enlistment bonuses; good potential for promotions and advancement; and a rewarding, adventure-filled life. Well, that’s the other 50%.

The opportunity to train with the best

In the US Army, you’ll have more opportunities than one to gain highly useful skills; be trained by expert instructors specially chosen by the army and get hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technologies and processes.

The opportunity to avail top benefits

The US Army lays particular emphasis on the comfort and well being of its personnel at all levels. They do so in order to have a contented and highly motivated force at all times.

In line with this commitment, the army offers quality food, housing, healthcare (free/heavily discounted), education assistance, 30-day paid vacations, and good retirement plans.

The opportunity to have a great future

The US Army provides every opportunity for promotions and advancement to earn higher paychecks, bonuses and other benefits as you climb the ranks. And that’s not all, the skills, knowledge and experience you gain during your term of duty will make it easier to gain lucrative civilian jobs, and in the process, a happy, prosperous post-army life.

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