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NOW, more than ever, is when you should be looking at the US Army for jobs. In the civilian sector, things don’t look so pretty. Recession still reigns, there’s no let up in layoffs, good jobs are few … and perhaps, your scissor-happy boss is eyeing your next paycheck or increment.

Having been built on values such as courage, commitment, integrity, sacrifice and honor, you could trust the employment situation in the US Army to be far more stable. And stable it is. If you are a worried job seeker, or have a job that’s more shaky than stable, here’s why the US Army is the right place to be.

Regular paychecks

In the US Army, you can be sure that the paychecks will be regular, despite recession. Moreover, with your job having the backing of the US government (Department of Defense), your paychecks will continue to come in, while your job remains stable.

Faster promotions

With perseverance, dedication, discipline and hard work, you could improve your army rank, in the shortest possible time. In fact, a recent Navy Times’ report reveals that promotions within the US Army are much faster than those in other military branches. This gives you an opportunity to earn faster money in quick time, when you are promoted.

Assured benefits

In addition to attractive pay, enlistment bonuses, world travel opportunities, financial aid for education, and retirement income, the army also offers some great standard benefits and more. These include the provision of healthcare, food, housing, dental care, money for transportation/relocation expenses, 30-day paid leave, and an insurance policy offering $250,000 in coverage at the time of your enlistment.

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