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Perhaps, the US Army may, or may not be the right place for you. However, if you take time out to get the facts, chances are, you’ll tell yourself – “Why didn’t owever, However
I consider an army job before?” If your current perception about the US Army is clouded and sketchy, here’s some advice, and a few facts to clear your mind.

View the option objectively

An objective view of ANY career or job change is a must, if you are to make the right choice. So, before you decide to pursue a new career or job, your focus should be on all aspects of the career/job, viz., the location; the lifestyle; the working hours; the pay and benefits; the future prospects; and the nature of the job itself.

Understand the army’s role

The US Army is a major branch of the US Military, and the most powerful fighting machine on the planet. Its main role is to train and equip its combat and support personnel, and to provide significant land forces in times of tension or conflict whenever or wherever required. By extension, the army’s role also involves close co-ordination with all other branches of the US Armed Forces.

Get familiar with army life

To maintain high motivational and contentment levels of its personnel at all times, the US Army offers a diverse, pseudo-civilian lifestyle. Apart from on/off-base daily routine training and tasks, US Army personnel also find time to spend with their families; chill out with friends; pursue a favorite hobby; take part in sports; watch movies; go shopping; read novels; and attend fitness programs in well-equipped gyms.

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