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The US Army is in continuous search of a special breed people who wish to serve the nation, not because they “have to” … but because they “want to”.

It is this unique group of people who’ll be willing to push themselves beyond the limits of physical, mental, and emotional endurance, to learn the US Army’s 7 CORE VALUES … values learnt during the intensive, 9-week boot camp training program.

Here are the first 3 core values of the US Army that you’ll learn during the first 4 weeks of boot camp training.

Week 1 – Welcome to Boot Camp

Say ‘goodbye’ to family and friends … say ‘hello’ to boot camp. Here, you’ll learn to adjust to army life; the importance of the 7 core army values that transition you from civilian to soldier; and when you’ll be put through the first of four diagnostic Army Physical Fitness Tests.

Week 2 – The Value of “Loyalty”

Here, you’ll learn self-defense combat skills; rappelling; land navigation; map reading; and first-aid techniques. You’ll also be taught the importance of teamwork, and ultimately, the value of “Loyalty”.

Week 3 – The Value of “Duty”

Here, you’ll learn to handle and maintain current army hand weaponry (rifle training); the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship; techniques for defense against chemical attack; physical training to improve fitness; and finally, you’ll learn the value of “Duty” via historical examples from army history.

Week 4 – The Value of “Respect”

Here, the army will instill in you the value of “Respect”. Respect for your instructors; respect for colleagues; and respect for the achievements of your assigned team. You’ll also improve your rifle marksmanship including detection of multiple targets. You’ll be put through the second diagnostic Army Physical Fitness Test to determine improvements in your physical strength and endurance.

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