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One of the very first items explained in depth at the start of the first week of boot camp training, is the 7 core values of the US Army. They are – Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage.

In the earlier article, the first 3 values (Loyalty, Duty and Respect) that recruits learn during the first 4 weeks of boot camp training, was explained. Here are the final 4 values that recruits learn during the last 5 weeks at US Army boot camp.

Week 5 – The Value of “Selfless Service”

Here, you will take your final rifle-shooting test to demonstrate the skills you’ve learnt. On successful completion of this test, you’ll qualify to earn and wear the proud badge of ‘Sharpshooter’, ‘Marksman’ or ‘Expert’. The army’s value of ‘Selfless Service’ will also be taught to you with the help of historical examples of how soldiers have selflessly and continuously served the nation and US Army.

Week 6 – The Value of “Honor”

Here, you’ll be trained to handle a variety of US Army weaponry; you’ll also take part as a team member for defensive, ‘live-fire’ exercises; understand tactical movement methods; and you’ll also undergo your 3rd diagnostic Army Physical Fitness Test. Above all, the true meaning of the army’s value of ‘Honor’ will also be instilled in you.

Week 7 – The Value of “Integrity”

Here, it will be determined how much you’ve learnt about the army values until now, as well as, being taught the army’s value of ‘Integrity’. This is also where you’ll undergo your 4th and final Army Physical Fitness Test.

Week 8 – The Value of “Personal Courage”

Here, the 7th army value of ‘Personal Courage’ will be taught to you. Here is also where you’ll be fully tested for all the soldiering skills you’ve learnt so far.

Week 9 – Graduation

Graduation Day brings feelings of unprecedented joy, pride, honor and achievement. Ingrained with the army’s 7 core values, you’ll now be ready to face any challenge in your life. Welcome to the finest fighting force in the world. Welcome to the US Army.

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