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Serving in the Army is no longer for people who cannot get a job after graduating high school. The Army has become increasingly selective during the Army downsizing under the current Obama administration. But the Army benefits continue to abound. Don't miss out on all GI Benefits while serving in the Army, especially the one that offers you a free college education.

Serving in the Army in previous years was often just a mere backup plan.

That is no longer true today with many Army applicants not being accepted!

Largely, if for high school graduates not able to attend college for one reason or another. Now, with all of the amazing GI Bill benefits and Army jobs training available, the Army is an important option as a path to a college education. Should you meet the ASVAB requirements, you need to take a look at the GI Bill education benefits during your Army career:

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The GI Bill( MGIB) program provides up to three years of college education benefits. You may use this benefit for:

• University four year degree after or during your Army career
• Aviation flight training
• Apprenticeships
• Correspondence courses
• Remedial, deficiency, and refresher courses may be approved under certain circumstances

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You can also contribute an additional amount to the GI Bill to receive increased monthly benefits. You may be able to receive money in additional GI Bill benefits. This additional amount must be paid even while on your US Army active duty.

It is practically foolish not to take advantage of your college education benefits. Just think of it, a free college education. Don’t hesitate to do your homework and find a college that will provide you and your family the right training that will provide a secure financial career.

Following your service in the Army you will have a variety of GI Bill benefits awaiting you. Perhaps one benefit that offers a possible life-time of benefits is your college education. With a college degree you’ll be able to earn more money in your civilian life. Not to mention, the residue self-confidence and having more selected career options.

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