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The reason why the US Army IS what it is – the world’s best fighting force – is not just its formidable firepower … it is the valiant men and women behind its powerful, unmatched clout.

So, who are these people who make the US Army what it is? What role do they play? If you wish to build an army career and would like to know, here’s some information to enlighten you.

Two Basic Parts. One Mission

In general, the US Army is comprised of ‘Enlisted Officers’ AND ‘Enlisted Soldiers’. Together, these are the active-duty, men and women who have ONE core mission – to protect our country and preserve its freedoms … in wartime, and in peacetime.

Three Categories. One Force

The US Army’s active-duty personnel are further divided into three distinct categories – “Enlisted Soldiers”, “Commissioned Officers” and “Warrant Officers”. Here again, the three groups team up to form one formidable fighting force to protect our country.

Active-duty Power

By their sheer numbers, enlisted soldiers form the bulk of the army’s active-duty personnel. Active-duty soldiers serve in “full-time” capacity with duty terms between 2 and 6 years duration.

Active duty soldiers perform routine, daily tasks, undergo periodic training and also find time to relax and have fun after duty hours.

Power in Reserve

Army Reserve soldiers serve in “part-time” capacity and are therefore able to maintain their civilian lives and careers. Reserve soldiers are required to serve 1 weekend a month and 15-day training program annually.

Power of Leaders

The courageous men who lead from the front are the US Army’s Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers. These are officers with extra-special leadership and training skills. Combining their exceptional skills, Commissioned and Warrant Officers lead their men fearlessly on some of the most difficult and dangerous missions.

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